A Better Way to Help Veterans

Serving Veterans in Opelika, Phenix City & Surrounding Areas

Have you or a loved one ever suffered from a loss of Security? Here at Valley Disability Attorney, we understand the effects of military duty can be permanent and difficult. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve. We serve Phenix City, Opelika, AL & Columbus, GA!

If you are disabled, you can receive benefits through both the Social Security Disability Insurance Program and the Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI). You can receive up to 12 months of retroactive benefits as long as you meet the requirements put in place by Social Security. We can also help to expedite the process to cliam social security.

Family members may also qualify for benefits too. Call today at 844-464-9287 to see if your loved one is eligible for benefits!

What Do We Do?
Valley Disability Attorney will:
• Represent former military personnel
• Expedite the process and provide social security disability for veterans
• Work directly with Wounded Warrior